Kiriya Hazakura
Kiriya Hazakura
Kanji: 葉桜桐也
Romaji: Hazakura Kiriya
Status: Deceased
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Relatives: Haruko Azami (girlfriend)
Manga Debut: Chapter 1
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Kiriya Hazakura (葉桜桐也, Hazakura Kiriya) is a old yakuza who was Haruko's boyfriend. He ended up dead, after trying to beat up Riku.




Kiriya was little surprised that Haruko actually brought Riku to his place, but didn't mind as long as he wasn't annoyance. Haruko was trembling and wanted drugs and in order to get some, she started performing sexual acts and in the end was rewarded by Kiriya who gave her the drug she wanted. Upon seeing the scene, Riku yelled to stop, which found Riku as annoying and started beating him. While beating him all over the apartment, Riku ended up in a room, where he saw a packed up dead body and stench filled up the other room, making Kiriya to think that he should have thrown it by now. Upon realizing that he will die, Riku took a defensive position and punched Kiriya in the chin, knocking him on the ground for Kiriya's surprise. The Riku took a cigar tray and smashed Kiriya's head and killed him.

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