Katsuya Kikuchi
Kanji: 菊池 勝也(きくち かつや)
Romaji: Kikuchi Katsuya
Status: Alive
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Relatives: Takeru Kikuchi (son)
Manga Debut: Chapter 9
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Katsuya Kikuchi (菊池 勝也, Kikuchi Katsuya) is a former welterweight boxer and current lightweight 4 round boxer.


He is very skinny man, weighing 135 pounds. His hair is split in two and has a small beard on his chin. He also has a mole under the end of his left eye.


He seems to be a nice guy and a good father, caring deeply for his son. Due to that, Riku didn't want to defeat him and destroy his son's dreams. But once the match starts, his personality changes to a much more aggressive and desperate, trying to do everything to win.


Katsuya was first seen before his match with Riku, speaking with his son, telling him how they will eat after the match and how he will win this time. He was nice to Riku too, even wishing him good luck. During his fight with Riku, he dominated the first round, but during the second round when Riku got over his fear, he was brutally KO'd. After that he needed to be carried off in a stretcher and was quickly taken to a hospital.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

Coming from the Tadzika Gym, he is a boxer known for having a hard punch. Before fighting Riku, his record was 2 Wins and 4 Losses, turning to 5 Losses after their fight.


VS Riku AzamiEdit

  • Loss: The first round was very intense with Katsuya dominating it, without Riku even trying to throw a single punch until the very end of the round. In the second round, at which Riku shook off his fear, he was KO'd with 4 punches by Riku.