Kaede Hyodo
Kanji: 兵動 楓(ひょうどう かえで)
Romaji: Hyōdō Kaede
Status: Alive
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Manga Debut: Chapter 12
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Kaede Hyodo (兵動 楓, Hyōdō Kaede) is a prodigy boxer, son of a former world champion boxer with the same name. Upon seeing Riku's fight, he got interested in him and "tasting" his punches.




Kaede was first seen watching Riku's fight from the Rookies Glove and getting impressed by his punches and wanting to get hit by him. Soon after that, he managed to arrange a sparring with Riku and visited the Baba Boxing Gym, were he even took a selfie with Riku. Once his sparring with Riku started, he let him punch him a couple of times and then stopped him punch right before hitting Riku's face. He left the ring satisfied and decided to follow Riku's steps and join the Rookie King Tournament.

He then made his debut in the lightweight 4 round, against Itsuki Kugetsu of Koku Gym, and quickly defeated him in the first round. After the fight, the media asked him why he was debuting in the C class, to which Kaede responded that he is taking a detour in order to meet Riku at the Rookie King Tournament.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

He is a very skilled boxer, coming from the Hyodo Gym, said to be one of the top 8 of Asia and World's youth. He have won 6 gold medals, last from the Nationals won with ease. Ready for the B-class, he went at the C-class in order to meet with Riku.


VS Maeoka PistonEdit

  • Win: Kaede faced Maeoka from Mitsutoshi Gym in his first match at East Japan Rookie King, where he won the fight.

VS Riku AzamiEdit

  • Loss: As the fight started, surprising to everyone Riku was the one dealing blow after blow, although Kaede was letting him in order to taste his punches. Soon Kaede started punching back dealt his triple hook, which downed Riku. They continued to exchange blows, until Kaede clinched and asked Riku to hit him with the intent to kill. In the 2nd round, Kaede continued the same way, while Riku switched to dealing only jabs, although not doing much damage, Riku saw an opening to deal serious jab, but Kaede slipped and fell in that moment. As they continued fighting, Kaede anticipated to take on Riku's left straight, but his reflexes kicked in and he countered it with a left hook, which also fractured Riku's ribs on the right and downed him for a second time. In the 3rd round, Riku switched to lower right stance, to protect his ribs and Kaede quickly understood the damage he had dealt and focused looking for an opening on his injury. Kaede eventually saw an opening and dealt two blows on Riku's ribs and after that on his face, but then saw how a left punch missed him and the he realised that Riku used his ribs to attempt and land that invisible punch. As the fight continued, Riku again baited Kaede to his ribs, but this time managed to land the Phantom Punch, downing Kaede for the first time in his career. As Kaede stood up, they continued to fight exchanging blows, one of which made Kaede to vomit. As the match went into the 4th round, both started moving faster and better and exchanging blow after blow. Eventually Kaede cornered Riku and was about to deal his triple hook, but Riku managed to counter it with a right. They fought in the corner for a while, and Riku eventually let Kaede to get close and managed to deal a left that downed Kaede. When Riku opened his eyes, he realized he was also down. While Riku was attempting to get up using the ropes, he saw Kaede trying to do the same. Eventually Riku stood up and took a fighting pose to realize that Kaede didn't managed to get up and Riku was announced as victor.